Transforming waste materials into a revolutionary super-material
Nanotube Research and Manufacturing for a Sustainable Future
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Leading Carbon Nanotube Innovation

We are revolutionizing the production of carbon nanotubes with a scalable, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable process. We transform waste plastic and over 200 different feedstocks into high-quality carbon nanotubes using our patented, innovative and sustainable process. Our mission is to drive widespread adoption of carbon nanotubes so that their miraculous properties can drive forward the next generation of sustainable energy technologies.

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What we do

Carbon Nanotube Synthesis

We make carbon nanotubes at scale, to specific specifications. Our process is the product of 15+ years research at world leading nanotechnology research institutions and 40+ years of chemical engineering expertise. We supply commercial organizations using nanotubes to enhance their products. We do so by supplying nanotubes made to order. We also partner with companies to deliver on-site nanotube manufacturing hubs, allowing the sustainable, resilient and cost effective supply of this critical resource for their supply chain.

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Advanced Nanotube Solutions

TriTrimTabs produces high-performance carbon nanotubes tailored to meet specific industry needs. Our nanotubes have been independently tested for quality and reliability, offering exceptional mechanical strength, electrical conductivity, and thermal management properties. Our products are used in various applications, including energy storage, wires for electrical transmission, nanofibers for microelectronics and other advanced materials. Our nanotubes ensure enhanced performance and sustainability in your operations.

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Innovators in Nanotube Research & Technology

TrimTabs is driven by a team of experts in nanotechnology and hydrocarbon engineering. Led by Dr. Alvin Orbaek White, a globally leading nanotechnologist with over 15 years experience in nanotube synthesis and commercial applications at world leading institutions such as Rice and MIT. Our team consists of multiple PhD nanoscientists, chemical engineers and material science executives. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of carbon nanotube production and their commercial applications.

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